2023 4th International Conference on Computer Science and Management Technology(ICCSMT 2023)



2022 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Management Technology(ICCSMT 2022) has been successfully held an online conference on November 19, 2022 . Nearly a hundred scholars attended the online conference. As a leading role in the global megatrend of scientific innovation, China has been creating a more and more open environment for scientific innovation, increasing the depth and breadth of academic cooperation, and building a community of innovation that benefits all. These endeavors have made new contribution to globalization and creating a community of shared future.

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The conference is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m., and end at around 19:00 p.m., including 8 keynote speeches and 12 Oral Reports. Each keynote speech is about 35 minutes, and after each speech, there will be a Q&A session. And each Oral Report is about 15 minutes. 

Keynote Speeches


Keynote Speaker 1:

Prof. Jie Li

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Speech Title: Big Data, Blockchain, and AI Empower Industrial Internet


Keynote Speaker 2:

Prof. Liang Hu

Tongji Univeristy, China 

SpeechTitle: Federated Learning and Its Promising Applications


Keynote Speaker 3:

Prof. Xinde Li

Southeast University, China

Speech Title: Robot Occasion Cognition from Multimode


Keynote Speaker 4:

Prof. Linlin Shen

Shenzhen Univeristy, China 

Speech Title: GAN based face editing


Keynote Speaker 5:

Prof. Guoqiang Zhong

Ocean Universitiy of China, China 

Speech Title: Automatic Design of Deep Neural Networks


Keynote Speaker 6:

Prof. Bing Shi

Wuhan University of Technology, China

Speech Title: Matching and Pricing in Shared Transportation 


Keynote Speaker 7:

Assoc. Prof. Yonghui Wu 

Fudan University, China

Speech Title: Promoting Students' Programming Skills in Constructions for Teaching Materials and Curriculums


Keynote Speaker 8:

Assoc. Prof. Wei Cao 

Hefei University of Technology, China 

SpeechTitle: AIDS in Cross-market Analysis

Oral Presentations

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Oral Speaker 1:

Deyou Jiang

Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Speech Title:Service Decomposition method for multimodal data

exchange scenarios

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Oral Speaker 2:

Linlin Zou

Jinan Univeristy, China 

Speech Title:Research on the Dependency Distance of Quantifiers in

Modern Chinese Based on Big Data Text

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OralSpeaker 3:

Jiaying Yang

Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Speech Title:Private Data Sharing in EMU Maintenance: A Method

Study Based on Federated Learning

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Oral Speaker 4:

Jingxin Li

Changchun University of Science and Technology, China 

Speech Title:An Adaptive Atomic Force Microscope Imaging Repair

Model for Cell Scanning

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OralSpeaker 5:

Wenyan Zhang

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China

Speech Title: Promoting Students' Programming Skills in Constructions for Teaching Materials and Curriculums

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OralSpeaker 6:

Xiaofei Chen 

Shanghai Maritime University, China 

Speech Title:Co-Opetition Between a Digital Movie Platform and

a Physical Cinema: Pricing and Contracting

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OralSpeaker 7:

Zhihui Li

Shanghai Maritime University, China 

Speech Title:The Business Models between a News Aggregator and

Content Generators

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OralSpeaker 8:

Benben Sun 

Ningbo University, China 

Speech Title:Implementation of a low-code monitoring system for

solid oxide fuel cells

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OralSpeaker 9:

Hongbin He

Southwest Petroleum University, China

Speech Title:A speaker recognition method based on Res-SE-MFA

and SpecAugment data enhancement


OralSpeaker 10:

Sainan Ren

Dalian Polytechnic University, China

Speech Title:Research on Enterprises' Response to Emergencies

Based on Machine Learning


Oral Speaker 11:

Liu Cheng

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, China

Speech Title: Research on the Sino-US Impact of Policies during the COVID-19 Epidemic

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OralSpeaker 12:

Yang He

Chengdu University of Information Technology, China

Speech Title: Knowledge graph question answering system based on code defect

ICCSMT 2022 provided an international collaborative platform for sharing research results and exploring innovative technologies. The conference ended successfully amid a lively atmosphere!